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La Libertad, El Salvador to Granada, Nicaragua

I got an 8:00 AM start leaving La Libertad and decided to cross through both Honduros borders in the same day. I arrived at the El Salvador and Honduras border at 12:00 PM, and ran into the usual two helpers that try to rip every motorcycle traveler off. I discussed with them a price of $10 US for their services. I also stated that I knew them from the internet, knew the true cost to cross the border, and that they had a bad reputation via the internet. Their tone change quickly, and I had no further trouble out of them for the border crossing. While at the border, Honduras did not look like a very safe place. My gut was telling me to not stop/sleep in this country. Trash was everywhere, and the roads were full of potholes, so I decided to press on to the Nicaraguan border before the sunset. I made through the Nicaraguan border, and stayed in the border town of Somotillo for the night. Stayed at an $8 US hotel, and it served its purpose, but sleep did not come easy. I got another 8:00 AM start, and made my way toward Granada through Managua. I arrived in Managua at noon, and had to ask directions to Granada, which everyone I asked was very helpful. By 1:30 PM, I arrived in Granada and ten minutes later it started to pour down with sheets of rain. I took refuge at an ice cream shop, and waited for the rain to stop. Managed to find a hotel…$20 US, I will stay for two nights, it is OK and I have no complaints. Granada looks to be a laid back city, and everyone seems to be very nice. My plan is to cross into Costa Rica once I leave Granada.

My $8 dollar room

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