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Originally Posted by willys View Post
I started looking at property after a friend told me of his great deal etc right off the ocean!
All I can say is, if I can ever talk the wife into moving , I'm in!
I do prefer the west coast for scenery, just the mountains etc, but NFLD has just as nice at every turn, not quite as high lol....but great stuff all the same. PLUS.....the land prices are almost FREE!!!

I think we're in for late Aug so far.....2 full weeks on the Rock.....should give us enough time to see maybe 1/10th of the good
I've been plunking through quite a number of routes, with my thumb on the pages of the Canada Back Roads Atlas, an eye on Google Maps and Earth, and a sense of what's reasonable to expect in a day of mixed terrain. I think 10% is fairly optimistic. First shot, I'd like to strike a line down the middle of the island, and concentrate on the western portion. I think too many potentially great trips are ruined by taking too big a bite. This one, I'd like to arrive and leave on the Port aux Basques ferry and spend quite a lot of time sniffing the flowers and taking pictures. If we end up with a fairly large group, I'd think it would be best to have a ride at your own pace affair, with a meeting point at the end of the day and perhaps for lunch. This is not a ride like my RedNEK Rendezvous. Having never been in this area before, there's no way I can play ride leader.
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