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Originally Posted by Wentjo View Post
Hitchcock Industries out of Englewood. He has done 4 or 5 of my bikes, makes a big difference. My 500 use to glance off rocks pretty bad, night and day difference after revalve.
I'm a fan if Neil's, but honestly, the stock suspension settings are so good, that I believe any revalve is a tradeoff that will make the bike worse in one direction or another.

It might be worth it, depending on how you ride your bike (and where)... but the days of a mandatory revalve are gone, and every KTM I've revalved since 2009 was, on balance, a worse tradeoff after the revalve than it was stock (even though I got what I asked for).

Better small bump sensitivity generally equals worse bottoming resistance, as an example of tradeoff- so it might be better in rocky/ rooty trails but no longer be as graceful over whoops.

Originally Posted by Yellow Pig View Post
I thought that sounded funny when you mentioned it in South Fork. Are you sure you had the loaner bike MPG correct?
100% sure. I put 1.4 gallons in after 80 miles in the 450. I called KTM of Aspen, my dealer, about this, and he was surprised as I am. We agreed to let the bike break in fully before worrying about it, if the bad mileage continues we'll look at what map is in it.

Originally Posted by team ftb View Post
Ned - What was your rationale for choosing the 500 over the 450 for race purposes?
I could get a 500 (450's were gone) was the big reason!

I loved the 450, and I felt able to be really aggressive with it. The 500 is a little more intimidating, but it doesn't push on thru corners like big bores sometimes do, and it pulls so well I'm willing to bet I'll be just as fast with some time on it.

My new joke is that "you have to be in the right gear on the 500, it's just that there are 3 right gears at any given speed".
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