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Originally Posted by todd83-900t View Post
Please keep us posted on the non-consumables that wear out or fail, especially after you've battle tested it.
I'm a little unclear on what you mean. RFS bikes were many generations of engine design ago. Most of the issues you mention were solved years ago, and there's certainly no relationship in engine architecture re: water pumps, etc.

I will say, I think the new engines since RFS days are getting more and more durable. The RFS valves always moved for me, new bikes seem immune to that. I raced Dakar on a stock engine 450 XCW (carbed XC4, subsequent design to RFS) and it held up perfectly. I did have a leaky clutch master on Day 12, I find it hard to hold that shortcoming against the bike. In fact, I'm still riding that clutch master (with a new seal) and that engine in my trailbike.
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