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October 17, 2012 - We relaxed for a few more days in Puerto Ayora. Initially, we were afraid we'd get bored but apparently we had successfully adjusted to the island lifestyle, which meant we were happy to do little and lounge around town a bit or walk to the beach to watch lizards. We were somewhat reluctant to leave the Galapagos.

There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of lizards on the beaches near Puerto Ayora.

Walking around in Puerto Ayora, I came upon a strange Friday afternoon ritual.

Eventually, our time was up on the Galapagos and we flew back to the mainland. Our bikes were happily stored at the hotel in Quito. The next few weeks were a bit muddled in terms of planning, with Jan needing to catch a flight out of Lima on October 25th. I had debated taking a paragliding course in Iquique, Chile, during the time that he would be gone, but was also considering flying back to Vancouver to swap out camera gear and touch base with friends back home. As it was, the decision to go to Vancouver was sealed with Anna breaking her kneecap in a nasty fall. Being immobilized and with an apartment that was in the middle of a renovation, I decided to leave for Vancouver right away. So a few days after being back in Quito, I left for Vancouver on October 3rd.

I had little time to socialize in Vancouver as setting up an apartment for someone who needs to hobble around on crutches takes some imagination. Additional skills acquired include installing "assisted living" equipment in the bathroom and other esoterica.

All in all, Anna's surgery and first follow-up were successful, but the path to health is measured in months with a second surgery in about six months followed by more physio.

I'd spent ample time thinking about the camera gear I wanted to have with me for the long run (just the D700 and 24-70 were not enough) and as such decided on the D700, 14-24, 24-70 and 70-200. I also took a 50 mm lens. It's a lot to pack on a motorcycle, but then photography is pushing more to the forefront in what I want to pursue longer term, not that I have any illusions of ever making much money with it.
Back in YVR after riding around the world for 2 years.
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