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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
creeper, did you have to do any grinding to get them to fit? there is a Fastways installation guide someone put together to download in the "other downloads" link in the index thread. that one included lots of grinding and supposedly sucks.

ISTR, somebody else mentioned there are a couple of variants on the Fastaways, perhaps they said adjustable or non-adjustable; and perhaps the non-adjustable ones required more grinding? of course this is from the dark recesses of my potato vodka addled brain... so i could be high.
The right one was a bolt-on other than some light grinding to shorten the Fastway collar about .010".

The left requires the '04 625SXC footpeg mount and hardware store sourced allen bolts to mount it to the frame.
You have to grind or mill a radius into the mount for clearance for the peg. You also need another right side peg pin, as the stock left side pin becomes too short for the new mount.
Thats about it. A little grind, stare and compare, grind a bit more... about 1/2 hour for all of it.

So... how's tricks?
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