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Well, the day of truth finally came. Last item things done, like adjusting the valves (all were a bit tight), synch-ing carbs at idle, timing with a timing light (I did a superb job with my test light static setting!), and it was time for the moment of truth. Test ride time!

I had done two very short rides before, totaling less than a mile. Today's deal was to be "extended" and reach highway speeds. I was nerved up tighter than a fat girl's socks. Out of the driveway and up the road about 1/4 mile and all was well. U-turn and past my house a 1/4 mile in the other direction (no point in venturing out too far if I have to push it back) and all was still well. I had gained a bit of confidence and decided to venture out a bit farther and go a bit faster. All went well. I rode a total of about 6 miles.

Somewhere along the line the turn signal indicator quit working so I guess I'll have to go back into the instrument cluster. Also, even though the speedometer worked (got up to 65 MPH at one point) the odometer didn't move a lick. Another reason to go into the instrument cluster I suppose. Once everything got warmed up good, the idle had climbed to about 2K, so I'll need to address that. I'll just back the screws off one at a time till the idle gets back to what the book recommends, about 850 RPM if my memory serves correctly? I'm thinking I can merely back them off an identical amount and they should stay sync'd, correct? I'll re-read the manual to be sure.

As is always pointed out, unless there are pictures it didn't happen, so I offer to you proof of my first real test ride! It's amazing that a 37 year old motorcycle can bring such a thrill!

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