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Originally Posted by Stobie
I have the same problem. I've put Emig underbar steering damper mounts on, along with the Pastrana FMX bars, and it's still not enough. Fastways are the next step, but it still may not be enough. If I raise the bars any more, I'll have to replace all the control cables.

For reference, I'm 6'4", but I don't have particularly long arms--the sleeves on a 46R jacket are long enough.
I am 6'5" and wear a 46XL jacket. If I knew the 1/2" gain on the Fastways would do the trick, I would do it right away. When Scott stood me up on the bike and put me in position, it appeared that I needed at LEAST an 1", maybe a little more. I don't want to go to custom cables, mainly for the pain of replacement down the road. I may have to go with the 1/2" gain and be happy with that.
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