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To Tie Up a Few Loose Ends Here...

Originally Posted by hdawg View Post

Enjoyed this report almost as much as the Lewis and Clark one. Glad to see you made it home safe.

Good luck
Hey, thanks Hdawg. This was a VERY different ride, and a different ride report. Nevertheless, both were enjoyable...although in different ways . Glad you enjoyed it.

Originally Posted by DCrider View Post
Well not in your case Doc, seems like everyone you met or almost met likes ya and appreciates the stories, keep them coming.
Hah! Well, you should see what they think of me over on the forum...I'm still trying to "re-ingratiate" myself over there, since there's lots of good info available. Actually, what I'm after is your respect! IIRC, I mentioned that I was surprised that Abraham Lincoln was not very highly regarded during his life; it was only after he was dead that people realized his worth. Sad to say, that seems to be pretty common...but thanks for any good thoughts sent my way ( people, take note!)

BTW, DCrider, for all the correspondence we had and STILL never got together...I'm gonna make a special attempt to cross the Mississippi River next year just to shake your hand. Er, unless I can convince you to cross the M. River the other way...

Originally Posted by TheRoss View Post
Thanks for taking us working stiffs along on your adventure. I enjoyed the report, enjoyed meeting you, and you are welcome to stay the next time you're through beautiful Lubbock, Texas!
Christopher, what can I say? You folks got my trip off to the best possible start! And I STILL lust after your GSA. Since Lubbock is about a "day's travel" E of Albuquerque, any trip when I head East (like several times next summer ) I'll be callin' your number...seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting, and hope that I see you again more than once.

Originally Posted by zoid View Post
I really enjoyed your RR, as I do most of the ones I read. Particularly enjoyed your historical depiction and how it affected you. Thank you.
Thanks very much, zold. It was difficult NOT to be affected by those surroundings, lemme tell ya. And I didn't expect that AT ALL...

Some Final Observations...

1. Historical Content. Several times in my RR I mentioned the fact that I felt the Catton & Foote trilogies were "too much" for me. Actually, it's more than that. I wanted a greater overview of the conditions that LED UP to the Civil War, not just the actual battle strategies, tactics, etc. The book I've cited several times: "Battle Cry of Freedom" by James McPherson, is actually one volume in the Oxford "History of the United States," and as such has a wealth of information about the conditions pre-Civil War.

For example, do you know about (1) William Walker, (2) the "Know-Nothing" Party, (3) the "Blood Tubs" (a gang), or (4) Preston Brooks? If not, better read McPherson!

2. Use of iPad for Trip Updates... Taking along the iPad + bluetooth keyboard on this trip was very much an "experiment." It was a little tedious (uploading pics one at a time) but there was one advantage: in addition to Wi-Fi connections, I had a Verizon cell data connection that I could use when there was no Wi-fi. Came in very handy more than once. And the Verizon connection was faster than some "mediocre" Wi-Fi connections.

3. Gonna Ride the Triumph Explorer 1200 Tomorrow! After months of expectation, I'm gonna test-ride the Triumph Explorer 1200 tomorrow (I think). Two things I like about the TEX are (1) Cruise Control, and (2) Shaft Drive. One thing I DON'T like about it is MORE WEIGHT (Duc is 520 wet on my scale; TEX is 50 lb more?) Also the "length" of the bike (I'll see what that's like when riding). The real test is turning it around in my garage...if I feel my ride test is noteworthy enough I'll post my opinions in this thread (if anybody's interested).

Anyway, I guess that's it. I very much appreciate all the interaction. The Dr. Greg family is off to Pagosa Springs, Colorado for a week of R&R (no bikes!) starting Saturday. Hopefully will survive my absence...

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