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Well, needless to say, I was hurting the next day. I didnít get back to the truck until 2:30 AM and it took me forever to fall to sleep, still feeling the rumble and vibrations coursing through my body and still hearing the hummm of the thumper ringing through my ears. Finally when I woke up the next morning and tossed and turned in no hurry to get up out of the comfortable bed and warm blankets.

It was mainly in my shoulders, the muscles were tensed up like softballs, but my neck was a stiff as could be too.

967 Miles, or 1556.24 KM

All in 14 hours and 40 minutes of moving time, and only 2 hours and 38 minutes stopped.

Max speed, 97.3 mph or 156.5 kmh, with a moving average of 65.9 mph or 106 kmh, not bad.

And after all that, a hot tub sounded perfect, or better yet, an outdoor hot springs.


Yep, I was feeling good.


And perhaps looking a little grizzled.

Either way, it was an amazing place to be.


Typically, I am not a huge fan of it, but on that day it was perfect. It was a perfect day to just be. Not to be doing something as I typically prefer, but instead just to be.

A couple days earlier I had been exploring out by Circle, and I had ran across a little track that seemed like it went through all the way to Chena, so, since I was in Chena, I started talking to one of the local guys doing some maintenance around the site. He told me that he had been up on the trail, the Historic Fairbanks trial, on a hunting trip once and although he just went part way, he did seem to think that it may be possible. No big rivers at least, but perhaps a bog or two here and there. Honestly, a 80ís big wheel might even be the perfect tool for such a job. It could even be the perfect place to train for the Enduro Cross, or something like that.

But what do I know, I'm just some dumb tourist from the lower 48.
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