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Off like a herd of turtles! There was long shot that a 4th may be joining with us but to no avail. Needless to say we were a little slow getting out of town which is beginning to become a theme and we like it.

Shep and his outback oven do it again. This time cinnamon rolls
From out camp site we headed through Vedauwoo proper. Spent some of my formative years here cutting my teeth in the world of rock climbing. It really felt good to be back in familiar ground.

And of course we had to take in the tourist sites! Ames monument, the highest point on the transcontinental railroad, stands in one of the windiest places on the planet. Weird, it wasn’t windy.

We head south out of Laramie (,_Wyoming#Geography_and_climate
on the Sand Creek Road, BIG ‘ol dirt road. We pass an area that I know as the “hoodoos”, I have no idea if that is what they are actually called but they are in fact hoodoos so the name always seemed appropriate to me.

At the Colorado border a person would swear that you are in the Four Corners Country. Nope, you are at 7,000 feet on the east central Wyoming/Colorado border. A completely apt place to stop for a snack. Keep in mind we have ridden nearly 40 or 50 miles at this point. We certainly don’t want to push ourselves too much!

We continue south and begin a meandering route to Red Feather Lakes. We ride some fantastic dirt all over hill and dale. Every now and again a person would come into a corner, a rut, some sand or rocks a little hot causing a fellow to pucker up a bit. I know I would giggle and think, “holy shit” then I would roll back on the throttle once again ‘cause it was so much damn fun.

The roads begin to open up a bit the closer we get to Red Feather Lakes. Some really nice ranch country up there.

Red Feather offers us H2O, fuel, and beer (not in any order of importance). Not really knowing where to stop for the night we keep heading in our general direction which is west and south. That makes no sense. West and south are two directions, not one…well you get the idea.

When work out a route for our rides it is more like a loose plan. We will look for long stretches of dirt with short connectors of asphalt. I personally an drawn in by road names. When a person looks at this part of the map you cannot help but see Deadman Hill and Road. Now who wouldn’t want to ride a road with a name like that? Perhaps it would get us in the general direction but holy buckets, washboards and dust. A setting sun and the accumulation of dust on the helmet visor sucked. I was getting ready to stop for the day. A quick look at the map and it was determined that camping would be better sooner than later. Breaking south on a road that looked good for tomorrow we manage to find a decent place to bivy for the night. One of the difficulties of this trip was actually finding a place to sleep where there was no potential for a dead tree to fall on one of us in the night. Folks out west are familiar with the mountain pine beetle and ‘damage’ it has wrought.
I would look for a twenty year old clear-cut in the lodge pole. No snags there! Managing to find one could take some creativity, but we always managed to get it done.

Knowing that some storms were in the area really didn’t phase us much as it was such a nice evening. Then Shep comes with this, “you know were are camping above 10,000 feet right?” Oh, it will be fine! It really was a beautiful evening.

Day 3 was in the books. None of us had any idea what awaited us tomorrow.
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