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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
NO this is wrong information!

FM-3 is a visa for residing in Mexico for 1 year. A simple Tourist Visa obtained at the border is what you need. Bajabound (a great insurance company to use) explains it all here:

Normally the only place your tourist visa is checked is at the Guerrero Negro checkpoint (southbound only) or at the

airport if you fly out.

You will need a passport to get the Tourist Visa, but other than that you don't need one to get into Baja. Although you are supposed to have a passport with you when returning into the USA, I have NEVER herd of anyone not being allowed back in to the states without one. Sure you might have to go to secondary inspection, and you might be delayed a little bit, and you will get a bad attitude from the Border Patrol/Customs guys but fuck those assholes anyway! Jajajajajaja!
..give thanks for the info and link
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