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Originally Posted by BushCaptain View Post
Awesome! Thanks alot for the well written and explaining report. I hope your ride has taken you where you wanted to go ;) This gives me alot of inspiration, keep it up!
Thanks! Yup, the ride has definitely taken me where I thought I wanted to go when I dreamt up this trip

Originally Posted by SS in Vzla. View Post
As always Jay, those have been very great and detailed updates.
Are you planning to visit some more of those countries on your way back north? Or your "vagabonding" time is running short?
Good luck on those exams
Thanks, buddy I think my route around Africa is changing and I might be coming back up this same way. Need to get some more information on things...
Well, I finally feel free after completing this Masters, so vagabonding is on! but I think I'd still like to finish up middle of next year...

Originally Posted by cwc View Post
I don't know if you have checked this, but when the system is NOT working you can measure the high voltage to the CDI (Black wire and white wire) which should be a BIG signal at cranking speed like 80-200 VAC depending on what you use to measure it.

Similarly the pickup coil (blue wire and green wire) should be a very small signal, but should show up on low range of a VOM as a little blip each time the magnet passes the coil.

Either of those could fail such that they work cold, but not hot.

If you have signal both places then you could re-measure when the bike IS running to see if there is a difference.
Ill try that when I get back to the bike. I just hope all the parts I have are going to be all I need

Originally Posted by vintagespeed View Post
loving the report Jay, i've got some catching up to do.

on the power problem, it sounds like a relay heating up & disconnecting power. then cooling off & reconnecting again.

also try some WD40 in your ignition switch and cycle it a few times, mine caused an intermittent misfire on my recent trip.
I asked about any relays in the system and seems like there's only the turn signal flasher relay. I'm taking almost a whole replacement charging system back with me and will spray WD there. Cheers.

Originally Posted by Ganjora View Post
sorry the parts didn't work Jay.
looking forward to meeting you in SA.
Don't sweat it, Dave. I'll get to SA and we'll have a few beers

Originally Posted by linksIT View Post
awesome stuff as always thank you!!
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