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Originally Posted by MrBob View Post
Following your thread has me quite curious about Africa. I see so many interesting faces in your photos; I'd love to have a conversation with these people and learn more about their lives.
Adding your academic credentials to your extensive and diverse travel experiences makes you a genuinely educated person, IMHO.
It's the incidences like mechanical breakdown that take us from the realm of tourist into adventurer but I'm glad your bike will soon be healthy again.
Great, Bob, glad you can feel that from the photos and writing. I'm so glad I'm spending so much in Africa, even if most of that hasn't been on the bike, but that's allowed me to get a proper feel for each country and learn a bit more about how life goes here.
Thank you for those kind words. Much appreciated
Yup, breakdowns make for good stories

Originally Posted by WeazyBuddha View Post
Congratulations on the degree!!!
I've been following you for some time now. Have you considered just going ahead and going for the doctorate while you're still used to school work. I think you should, combined with your experiences it will open a lot of doors and you'll probably be able to make a more pronounced difference in whatever pursuits you choose.
Thanks for the support! But no, I think I'm done with studying. PhD is interesting but not for me now. Let's see what I can do with this degree and experience when I get to India...

Originally Posted by far View Post
Congratulations Jay on your Masters of Science and riding sanDRine thru the Global South
Thanks! I'm glad I could finish what I said I would do when I started this trip (at least on the academic side, now to ride to India )

Originally Posted by AdventureAnimal View Post
Awesome stuff! Do you have any idea when you'll be hitting South Africa? Would be great to meet up and go for a ride. PM me.
I think now I'll be hitting SA around first half of December... I'll ping you when I get close.

Originally Posted by Rider14 View Post
Please keep us posted on the install of the new parts, and congrats on finishing your exams. I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results!

And how's the substitute bike treating you?

- Dan
Thanks, Dan! Yeah, so happy to be done with the studying and glad I could manage it all.

All the parts I need have arrived. Now, just need to mount new stator in side cover and wait for visas, then bus it down to Kibondo.

The XR250L has been a blast to ride! It's my first small-engined dirt bike that I've properly ridden and lived with for a while. What a hoot it is. It has a loud exhaust and a 50 tooth rear sprocket, so it just pulls like mad. Overtaking is so much fun But poor girl needs some work. I've taken her to Milan to get a proper servicing and we've found that the timing chain is worn, one exhaust rocker arm was worn out, kick starter has a crack in it. I'll give her back to Ash better than he gave her to me
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