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This ride report is never far from my mind, but life has been coming at me pretty fast and hard this year, and not always in a good way. Iíll try to keep it going, there is much more to tell! Iím flattered that somewhere in this little corner of cyberspace there really are people who want to follow my whacky travels! Thank you all, itís a boost. Back to it:

Mmmmm, it feels good to sleep in this morning. The sun is high in the sky after chasing away most of the midnight storms by the time we rouse ourselves. Even now, after sleep we still feel full from the decadent meal last night, which I suppose is tribute to the quality of ingredients and the leisurely pace at which we consumed them.

Our Harley-Riding-Waiter insisted that we should check out the Red-Rock Canyon Loop scenic drive. Seems like after we pack up the tent we should mosey on over and check it out, eh? It IS chilly, and my trigger finger doesnít want to pull the shutter button outside of the glove, but I snag a few snapshots. Iíd like to come back sometime with the purpose of photography.

At only thirteen miles it doesnít take us too long, even with the low speed limit for sightseeing. West, west we must go.

My kind of ďsinning.Ē }:-)

Lonely highways.

We stop to help a broken-down biker. What a colorful character this guys is...

Heís only from the next town over, out for a spin, so after borrowing our cell phone we leave him to wait for his buddy with a truck. When he learned that we had heated vests he threatened to take them from us by force, only half joking... Wild West folks, Wild West.

We stop at a casino in Parump for an all-you-can eat buffet for a late hot breakfast. Iíve kinda been looking forward to riding this part of the country where you can utilize other peopleís misfortune at the gambling tables to score cheap eats during a motorcycle adventure. More bacon? Yes please, donít mind if I do...

Oooo, a private motorsports track! I hadnít heard of this one, but Iím tempted to rocket in there and take a few laps, passenger, luggage and all! But alas, no, we press on... I also understand Jimmy Lewis trains adventure riders near here somewhere. I really need to live in the mountains someday.

And then we arrive at our "ultimate" destination for this ride: Death Valley.
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