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2012-10-15 Adamsfield and Clear Hill

Distance: 326km

Adamsfield is an old osmiridium mining town which had a population of around 1000 people in the early 1900's... (Current population zero)... Osmiridium was rare and was worth about 7 times as much as gold when the mining boom started...You can read more about it here:

I walked into Adamsfield in the late 80's in the middle of summer, while wandering around the old town site I lost the track and spent the next couple of hours trying to get back to the main track without getting bitten by a snake.... In summer the place is lousy with snakes, I saw hundreds... I always planned to head back out there in cooler weather for a better look around, it's just taken me 20+ years to do it....

Adamsfield is a conservation area, locked up behind gates, you have to get keys from Parks and Wildlife at Mt Field, and pay a $300 key deposit... (or leave them with a credit card imprint for $300, which they tear up when you return the key)... There are no fees and you don't need a parks-pass...

The trip started with an hours ride on sealed roads out to Mt field to get the permit and keys, then another 45 mins to the Clear Hill Rd turn off... (I originally planned to access Adamsfield via the Saw Back Range 4x4 track, but I was informed at Mt Field that the track is closed over winter so it doesn't get too chewed up)...

Area map:

Stolen from:

The view over Lake Gordon from the southern end of Clear Hill Rd:

The gate at the Clear Hill Rd end of Adamsfield:

One of the best Government signs I've ever seen.... They usually want to wrap us in cotton-wool...
This area is only suitable for experienced visitors fully prepared to face and meet all challenges.
You must be properly prepared to meet those hazards on their own terms. This is your responsibility

To start with I just cruised through from one end to the other, the track gradually gets worse, with longer and deeper waterholes towards the end: A 13min video:

Some pics around the 1960's open cut mine:

Some mining relics:

More to come... ... .. .
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