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Originally Posted by sushi2831 View Post

I am looking to transport my bike from Perth (yes, it has to be Perth) to Asia.
The bike has swiss registration and is under the carnet de passage.
What is the best place in asia to ship to, regarding the least hassle by custom, local brocker etc. (3 days in ecuadore was o.k. but please not more)
I am thinking of Bangkok,Kuala Lumpur,Jakarta.
Since I will make a round trip in asia and I will have to ship to India eventually, maybe I could as well store the crate there.
What I have read so far is that Singapure should be avoided, true?
Does anyone know a good agent/brocker in Perth ?

thanks sushi
Hi mate

I take it you don't want to ride up from Perth to Darwin and ship from there? Doing that would be very easy with Perkins shipping. We didn't crate our bikes when we went with them and had no issues. They ship weekly to Indo or Singapore.
We skipped Indo and went straight into Sing. Once there, the bikes can not be ridden or wheeled in the port so a truck was organised. Then, considering the headaches of riding legally in Singapore, we decided to keep the bikes on the truck and got him to drop us off on the causeway between Sing and Malaysia. All pretty easy, Perkins organised the truck in Singapore all for a few $$hundred.
If i was looking at shipping or air freight direct from Perth I'd skip Sing completly, the red tape to ride there for a few miles is crazy. Port Klang would be the simplest I guess for a boat, KL for air. If you do go into Indo, have you worked out how you'd get off the islands into Malaysia? There are a few reports of an 'onion boat' on the HUBB, but they always seem to be coming in the other direction. Nathan the Postman did it though so not saying you can't
Best of luck
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