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My Complete HID Saga

At this point I'm thinking about taping some flashlights to my handlebars.
1. Back in about April/May I got a pair of DDM 55W HID's. They both worked fine, no LAMPF!'s.
2. Hit some cool weather, lower 60's, got an occasional LAMPF! but would go off after a restart or two.
3. Got the Can-Bus error pigtails and the errors went away.
4. Hit some mid to upper 50's and LAMPF! was back, but would go away in a short time.
5. Got into the mid to upper 40's and the LAMPF! stayed on (no light too) until the weather got into the 60's.
6. Through all of this, when I hit the high beam or turned on the high beam, it functioned fine.
7. Yesterday I got a pair of 35w Can-Bus ballasts plus bulbs. One pair works like a champ. Even put the ballast in the refrigerator for several hours and it worked fine. The other pair is dead as a door nail. Yep, I did the usual swaps with good stuff and bad staff to make sure what worked and what did not. HID's R US already has my replacements on the way.
8. Right now I have the 35W CanBus on low beam and so far so good. I still have the 55W DDM on the high beam without the CanBus pig tail. The only time it throws an error is if I disconnect the high beam or I start the bike with the high beam on. I think I'm going to just leave it that way and use the replacement 35W as a spare. Like I said though, so far so good. There have been at least two, maybe three times I thought this thing was stable to have the LAMPF! return.
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