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Hello, please, and thank you.

Different Country's have different specs. I'm not sure how many versions of bikes there are but the maintenance CD lists only F800GS, and F800GS (USA). I know the charcoal cannister is standard on the US bikes but not in Canada or others that I've seen. The BMW's shipped to Canada specifically say "Canada" on the build sheet but that's due to having to add French owners manuals and a Canadian DOT approval sticker on the frame. Other than that I believe they are the European Standard. Like "Oggie" says, check for the DOT marks on things like the headlight lens, turn signals, tires etc. but I guess that only matters if you're going to take it home with you. I'm sure there are many ADV'ers that have extra parts lying around that meet the DOT spec. I have a set of the yellow turn signals no one wants.....a stock muffler....windscreen....
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