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Day 4 Dekanovice to Ozd, Hungary

I woke up quite late this morning, around 08:30 local time. It was real quiet but I thought I would stick my head out of the tent to smell the beautiful pine forest we had stopped in last night. Al was almost packed up! Bugger, note to self 'stop being lazy in the mornings'.

We stopped at a garage on the A56 after Brno to fill up and grab a Red Bull. The garage was rammed full of Americans on a bus tour of the area, and with the typical load voices that seem so prevalent in some states, discussing who was better, the New York Yankees or the Jets. I am a Green Bay fan so I had to join in :) We ended up having quite a good chat with these guys, one of them even bought me a cup of coffee. You would be amazed at how many of them decided their ancestry was Welsh when I told them I was Cardiff born and bred.

Al had decided to try and organize a replacement front tyre for the one that had burnt up in Folkestone so he had been on the phone to Buz Motors in Istanbul to sort it, however having no Turkish he had no chance of getting his message across so we decided just to have a look around when we got there.

After we had crossed over from Czech to Slovakia around Trencin We arrived at a place called Banovce Ind Bebravou, it was around lunchtime, so headed to into town to try and find a supermarket to grab a sandwich and get some stuff for dinner later. It was then I noticed 2 things, there is a Tesco in practically every town, small or large in the Czech Republic, and Slovakia and also the stories of beautiful women in the east that I had heard over the years are all true.

We also found this forums dream shop, take a look at the photos and see how many old style adventure bikes you can see. I loved it in there and I could have stayed for hours stroking those old Hondas and Yamahas but time was pressing so off we went.

How many amazing bikes can you spot?

I loved the roads in Slovakia, a beautiful mountainous country. Although we pretty much blasted straight across it I have decided I am definitely coming back here to spend a few days exploring.
Today had been the first day that we had actually had some proper time off the motorways and it felt good. In particular the E50 from Trencin to Zvolen which was a fast a road with 60 mph sweeping bends.

I had a near miss today, riding along the motorway at about 80 I did the normal mirror, signal manoeuvre into the overtaking lane. I had noticed a car way behind me but I had plenty of room so went for it. As I made the move I happened to glance in my mirrors and this car was going much faster than I thought and he was not stopping. I swerved back to my right as he came barrelling past me. As he drew level with me he slammed on his anchors as if he had just noticed me, and you have guessed it he was on his phone in one hand with a Costa coffee cup in his other hand.

In previous trips my riding partner seems to have been a draw to animals that want to scare the bejesus out of us. In the past a dog, badger, deer and even a donkey (I am not joking) have all tried to throw Al of his bike. Today we added chicken to that list of animals. It ran straight under his front wheel, luckily the bike is so heavy he almost did not even realize he had hit it.

The crossing from Slovakia into Hungary at Talnaja was deserted, all the buildings and offices are still in place and as we sat there drinking a can of coke I could imagine just how difficult in previous years it would have been making the journey of about 500m from one country to the other.

Once across the border it was time to find camp and it had become my job to do so. However as Al was up front on the KTM and had seen a track off to the side of the road he dropped off to see what he could find. We were in an area of small hills and it looked like someone had recently been trying to reclaim land from a few years of neglect. Brown patch of land found, the bikes were parked up, oils and bolts were checked and it was time for chilli con carne for dinner.

Grub up

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