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Day 5 Ozd to Sebse, Romania

I could smell sausages cooking. Al was up early as usual, but I could hear other voices so I was up quickly.

There was a group of about 10 local workers who were standing watching us and the bikes. I had been led to believe Hungary was an unfriendly place and that I would only have bad experiences. So when a guy about my size came over and said something in his own language I expected the worse. However I gave him my biggest smile, held out my hand to shake his and said hello. This seemed to break the ice and I spent the next 15 minutes showing him my maps and the motorbikes. We offered him some sausage but he kept refusing saying his 'chef' would be there shortly. What I misunderstood was it wasn’t Jamie Oliver coming to cook him breakfast it was his 'chief', or his boss that was coming and when he turned up I though it was a joke because this bloke was absolutely massive. Have a look at the photo and imagine how big he is, I am 6 foot 1 inch and about 14 stone. I thought he would give us a bollocking for being on his land but he was a lovely bloke called Marius and he insisted on me showing him in detail where we had been and where we were going. I hope all our destinations are as friendly as Hungary.


The further into Hungary we went the darker peoples skin seemed to be getting, the scenery was becoming more sunburnt and changing from lush green rolling hills to flat expanses of farmland interspersed with industrial units such as power stations and factory's. We were definitely heading towards Asia.

Someone told me before I left that the Hungarian roads are long, busy roads that people travel just to get from one place to the next, they were not enjoyable roads to ride. I hate to admit it but he was right. I really wanted to like Hungary, especially after the meeting with Marius and his workers but there was just something about this country that made me wish I was back on the roads of Slovakia or Germany.

We crossed the border into Romania at Ordea where I got into a conversation with some guys at the border who were also trying to cross. I could not believe how American they all sounded and it seems that they all learnt English by watching and repeating the lines from films which had subtitled Hungarian.

It was then East to Cluj then south to Alud before finding a nice wild campsite up in the hills outside Sebse.

I was sensing a little bit of tension between me and Al at the minute, which is really strange because we had travelled together several times and I had never felt it before. Now I am known for getting angry and barking at someone for something silly but Al is the most placid bloke you would ever meet. I bet no one else reading this can say they have never got into fisticuffs with someone at somepoint.... well Al hasn't, Ever!

I had obviously done something to wind him up or maybe we both just needed to relax into the trip. It also may have been the fact Al had been working his ass off on the rigs for 9 weeks, had no rest time and was now smashing himself trying to ride 6000 miles in 3 weeks. I am not sure it what was causing it but im sure it will get back to normal soon.

Today had been a long day, concentrating all the time we were very tired however, tomorrow it was to be the Transalpina and I could not wait.
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