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Myrtle Beach

My photos, Dave? You just keep pumpin out stuff like this.

But, on with the boring stuff.

Getting away from that skanky motel was a pleasure. BG behaved herself and it was a perfect ride on a sky blue day.

Still had many inlets to cross before I actually saw the sandy beaches.

Ended up at Surf City being reminded of the Beach Boys. ‘ Here I come.”

One of these big hotels at 40 a night.

There were schools of fishies in the waves, kinda cool.

And a sunset to knock Sockmonkey’s Socks off.

Headin out the next day I noticed Big Gal seems to have an Owl glued to her ass.

Hopefully it will keep the bad tailgaters away.
Down along to the Fort Fisher crossing and into South Carolina.

The $33 a night package was enough for me to book a few days at Myrtle Beach just so I could relax a while and read my book.
I had found out that Daytona was about to be flooded with the Harley Hordes just about when I’d be getting down that way so it seemed like a good time to stop. What were they callin it? Biketoberfest?

This is where I took the plunge (literally and enjoyed a bit of tropical ocean.
Not a lot I can say about Myrtle Beach, or perhaps any resort for that matter. I guess the biggest kick I get is just riding and observing. With the emphasis on riding. What I see here in M B is like Vegas without the gambling. Just a lot of fairly pricy restaurants and shops full of trinkets and cheap, made in China apparel. I guess that is what I will be in store for as I head down the coast but all I have to do is think of that nasty stuff that is settin in up north and I am sure I can grin and bear this.

Clouds would come in some mornings but burn off fairly quickly. Forecast called for thunderstorms Friday so I thought I’d hang till Saturday.
Then BG decided she didn’t like the way some of the boys had been messin with her and, luckily for me right in the hotel parkade, she stalled and read out the red triangle of death on her screen with ECU in big letters and an unplug icon. I just got a quick electronic rattle when I tried to restart her and, as it was getting dark I put her to bed and proceeded to drink alcohol which I don’t usually do much.
Wild ideas were going thru my head. What if the ECU is wratched? Nearest dealer? 400 miles to Florida. Rent a truck? Drive her there? By the Gods, why me? Was the Big Gal warning me? She would almost stall after gearing down to a stop. But that big momentus flywheel kept her going.
Side cover off in the morning. See if it really disconnected.

And there she is. All apart. Bright and early. Soon as I took the side cover off I saw it. Ground connection was loose. I put a wrench to it and it would not tighten any tighter. I removed the bolt; saw that the hole was thru drilled and put it back in. It would not seat. Was wondering if Redline had left a spacer out. It was within 1/16th” of seating. I stold a washer from a body part and got it seated. Fired right up, problem solved. I did, however pull it off again and retry seating it without the washer which, this time it did. Go figure. Redline should have checked the ground for tightness but in all fairness I might have missed it myself.
Everything back together and will be blowing this Pop stand first thing. Florida’s coming.
I once was lost but now I' wait, I'm still lost.
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