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Originally Posted by DynaSport View Post
So, anyway, now I get what everyone gripes about. I must say, my HD riding buddies are for the most part fast enough not to clog up traffic and courteous enough to pull over if they do
Just about all the Harley riders that I have met while on the road for a long trip have been super cool - in fact most of the bikes I see while far from home are Harleys and they nearly fall off their bikes trying to wave.

Now, a completely different breed of Harley rider is the weekend warrior. Most of them are too cool for school for sure. Having lived in the capital city of Wanna-Be's for 10 years I have some experience with this....

One day I was having a blast riding down Hwy 33 north of Ojai (if any of you have ridden this bit, you know how amazing it is). The road was totally clear until I came across a long line of cars and I immediately thought RV at the front. I slowly made my way toward the front and I started to hear the rumble.
About 20 HD riders going (and Im not joking here) about 20 mph.
I was responsible, polite - overly polite I think and waited till a nice long, a legal spot to pass. Just as I pulled out to pass them all i noticed the guy at the back watching me in his mirror. Just as I move to pass him he makes a violent move toward me and essentially tried to take me out. I was just able to flick under him and in not letting him take me out, I almost took out one of the riders in his group.
I passed the entire land-mass of inconsiderate buffoonery in one go - thank god.

I have no idea what would possess someone to try to take out another biker simply because they don't desire the need to move at a glacial pace.

One day I actually got stuck in the perfect storm. This is completely true - I got stuck behind a car following 15 Harleys, stuck behind a cop and a schoolbus!

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I was SO high, I could have hunted duck with a rake
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MX stuff isn't my cup of tea, but falling down the side of a mountain is
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