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Isn't that dangerous?
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Originally Posted by crofrog View Post
In what states does the federal goverment have anything to do with vechile registration?

Oh because I've never ever seen any street plated XR's running.

99.9% of the time, if you get a bike with a title you're good to go.

Maybe you live in California or some other state with crazy retarded vechile laws.
I would be very careful making assumptions like this. Most states are getting more strict about what they will plate. Even in states where they used to plate everything like VT they are now pulling tags on bikes never meant for road use. In RI where i live they are also much more vigilant. How do I know? I bought a very nice XR400R that had the baja kit including horn and directionals, it was plated in Maine and had a current registration. I had a title that was signed over to me, bill of sale, copy of the owner's registration and went to DMV, three times. I could not get the bike registered nor would they even issue me a title so I could resell it. The reason they gave was that the bike was not manufactured for street use and showed me a book they use that has the VIN codes and if a motorcycle was meant for road use or not. I ended up trading for another bike but gave full disclosure to the buyer that they would not be given a title in RI nor would they be able to register it. Unfortunately, most states are going to continue to adopt these types of policies, it is just a matter of time. My advice to anyone trying to do something like this is to UNDERSTAND your state laws and not ASSUME because you have seen off-road bike plated that you can do that too. Hell, they might have a plate off another bike because they couldn't get it plated to begin with. Good luck and make sure you know the laws you will need to deal with.
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