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Valid question and here is a take on it.
Drag bikes used clip type chains for years, as did large capacity multi cylinder bikes in the late 70's and 80's when the owners had done in the OEM endless chains as fitted to some of the bikes. Can a clip type chain handle the 75hp of the F800GS? Probably.

Availability will be the big thing. If you are fitting an o-ring clip type chain, a chain press that costs about $8 or so is a good idea, it saves having to use the "2 10mm nuts and a pair of vice grips" or "end of a wooden hammer" method to compress the o-rings enough to get the clip on. Racers used to safety wire clips, by the way.

You can either cut the old chain off, or use a chain breaker and then put on your new one, or you can buy the endless version and drop the swingarm and fit it on. You have to lube your swingarm some time, or at least check it, this is a good opportunity and you won't need a chain breaker or a chain press or a chain rivet staking tool so you will save yourself a fair sized bit of money. You will likely only change the chain maybe twice in the time you will own the bike if you are on top of the maintenance on the chain, see if you can borrow the chain tools from a friend unless you are serious about building up your tool kit.

You'll probably change your cam chain once and your drive chain twice if you decide to own the bike for more than 80,000kms.
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