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Originally Posted by eatpasta View Post
Just about all the Harley riders that I have met while on the road for a long trip have been super cool - in fact most of the bikes I see while far from home are Harleys and they nearly fall off their bikes trying to wave.

Now, a completely different breed of Harley rider is the weekend warrior. Most of them are too cool for school for sure. Having lived in the capital city of Wanna-Be's for 10 years I have some experience with this....

One day I was having a blast riding down Hwy 33 north of Ojai (if any of you have ridden this bit, you know how amazing it is). The road was totally clear until I came across a long line of cars and I immediately thought RV at the front. I slowly made my way toward the front and I started to hear the rumble.
About 20 HD riders going (and Im not joking here) about 20 mph.
I was responsible, polite - overly polite I think and waited till a nice long, a legal spot to pass. Just as I pulled out to pass them all i noticed the guy at the back watching me in his mirror. Just as I move to pass him he makes a violent move toward me and essentially tried to take me out. I was just able to flick under him and in not letting him take me out, I almost took out one of the riders in his group.
I passed the entire land-mass of inconsiderate buffoonery in one go - thank god.

I have no idea what would possess someone to try to take out another biker simply because they don't desire the need to move at a glacial pace.

I can't understand it either but I am pissed off and I have never even seen anything like that. Lucky I guess. Where I live most of the riders usually travel 10-20 kph faster than the speed limit. Although for the big 'poker runs' they usually are slower. None the less, trying to take out another rider seems to be a kamakazi move to me. Crazy.
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