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Howdy All,

Day fifteen of the rideabout, would take us from Bluewater Springs to Mt Molloy, along the way we again fuel up and grab a snack.

A few klicks later we come into an area that is FILLED with these giant ant or maybe termite mounds, we had fun taking photos next to these huge critter houses.




We came across a gully that just needed to be photographed.

Around 10:AM we came to a little road that for me was to be one of the true highlights of the entire trip, it reminded so much of the logging roads found in the mountains of the Nor-Wet. The road was very narrow in places, was cut into the side of the hill or went through tall trees whilst crossing many small streams. I slowed down and just let the scenery fill my senses, so many great photos could have been taken but we had a long ways to go so I just kept moving. The photos coming up do not in any way do justice to the beauty of the stream we crossed, its the one place we did stop to take photos.

After crossing the stream the road opened up a bit.

We came upon an old burned out house.

Jock catches up, as I am taking photos from the hill side.

All to soon the little dirt road ends and we are again back on the narrow paved road. Here we gather at the junction before heading off in a different direction on a different road.

Its getting late, we are 38 klicks from our goal for the day, I think Jock must be getting a sore arse from the looks of things.

The sun is getting low, the shadows long, we stop to take in the view, Zac is sitting on the KLR.

We stop and get some information regarding a pub-hotel and meet some KTM riders, we will spend the night at the same pub these guys do and will continue to met them in different places as we ride north to the OCR ( Off Center Rally )

We get rooms and spend the night at this pub.

I needed to catch up on email and being the CHEAP bastard that I am didn't want to pay for wifi. I went across the street and found this little bakery that had just opened and was being run by a bunch of young folks, they allowed me to use their wifi as I eat a good meal and drank some beers.

That night at the pub, many beers and drinks were had, I had a great time swapping lies with the two KTM riders we had met earlier.

The next morning before we set off, day sixteen of the rideabout started with Zac cleaning the air filter on the KLR, Jock fixing a fuel leak on the Yamaha's carb and me replacing a bad tube in one of the Ural tires.

While Jock and Zac were working on their bikes, I went across the street to the bakery and had a GREAT brecky. This photo just reminded me, when I first got to Oz I thought it strange that when ever you were seated at a table to eat the only tools provided were a knife and fork. In the USA we are used to eating with a knife, fork and spoon. The other thing that at first struck me as odd was that in Oz the fork is held in the left hand to not only cut what is being eaten but also to eat the food that was cut; in the USA we hold the fork in the left hand whilst cutting the food but then put the knife down and using the right hand to hold the fork then eat the food. It wasn't long before I got pretty good at eating the Aussie way and have continued to do so now that I am back home. Its little things like this that make travel to different places so neat for me.

Todays ride would take us from Mt Molloy to Laura, along the way we would pass through some beautiful country, climb and cross over a small mountain range and share the narrow road with many large trucks.

From the looks of the guard rail along side of the road, it was a local custom to sign the rail, so I left our mark.

At the crest of the pass there was scenic pull off, we took advantage of the facilities and then took some photos of the surrounding area.

We stop for food and fuel and there is another huge road train parked in the lot.

Yes, there is a Ural in that photo.

A road detour takes us across the NOW dry river bed as they work on completing the bridge before the rainy season starts.

Its not long before we get to Laura and setup our camp in a caravan park. Today was a short day and we reached camp early. kinda nice to setup the tent in the daylight, take a shower and check out the rig whilst its still daylight.

As we were going north, the weather was better much warmer during the day and not so cold at night. The caravan park was quite full with travelers and more and more bikes were showing up on the roads and in the camp grounds as we got closer to the OCR site.

And so another day came to a close, we had a good meal, some beers and a good nights sleep. Tomorrow would be a long hard day that would take us to Bramwell Station the site of the OCR. Stay tuned.
Dave, aka "Mr. Cob"

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