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Laugh Payback's a bitch

I guess yesterday was just too perfect. Today was payback day. It had to happen. I left my comfortable motel room in Pittsfield, MA after debating with myself whether that was wise it was raining so hard. I followed the GPS and told it to avoid Interstates and Tolls and head for Hagerstown MD.

I was off to a pretty good start in spite of the rain and in fact it even let up for a bit and as I re- entered NY State (I only left NY for MA late yesterday when I found that a cell phone that I have from the USA was de-activated. I had no idea why, but it was getting late and I told the GPS I needed a hotel and the nearest one was just south of me in Massachusetts).

Turns out the phone was de-activated because I had used it to call Canada directly which you can`t do, who knew?

Nice of the good people at Tracfone to deactivate a phone and not tell you. I got it re-activated when I promised to call their international call access number and when you do that it tells you to dial direct. ROTFL

Anyway I took this picture this morning as I crossed back into NY.

Things were going good to this point

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