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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
Ok.... so I've kinda talked myself out of trading in my F658GS for the F708GS
(hey is that what we are going to call it the F708GS .... )

And I'm thinking I could have "manual" ESA by carrying a screwdriver in a convienent location and backing off the damping by 1/2 turn or so when slabbing it, and crank it back in for sport/off-road....
Quite a cost savings there ... albeit at the expense of a quick pit-stop
Not to mention the cost savings when it comes time to replace the shock

I've owned both ESA and non-ESA bikes and for me (once the novelty wore off), I found myself setting it to one setting and leaving it there. IMHO it's nice if you are constantly switching between one up and two up, but if you are like me and always ride one way or the other, it didn't seem like a worthwhile cost.
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