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Originally Posted by empedrado View Post
While this tank is not a huge increase in volume 11.5L vs 8.5L, it does it without adding much additional bulk and it is lighter than the stock tank to boot!! In fact this tank is the same width as the stocker.

So how did they do it. Well a bunch of the volume and the weight must be attributable to DOT vs aftermarket. This tank is thinner wall than the stocker by a significant margin. I can only assume DOT had something to do with that. In addition the indentation on the stock tank where the charcoal canister resided is not present adding probably a quart there alone -- and this is lower cg weight for the same amount of volume. Most of the rest of the volume increase comes from a taller neck on the tank. Which isn't bad as you do not have to fill it all the way up -- meaning with the stock volume of gas this tank is lighter and has a lower cg.

The only snivels I have about the tank are that the fuel pump and shrouds are held on with wood screws vs brass inserts. Could only really see this being a potential problem if one should need to go in and change fuel filters often. The other snivel is the sock gas filter does not fit with this tank. I was having a lot of piece of mind knowing that our crappy gas was getting an extra dose of filtration before mixing with all the FI stuff. Maybe one of the engineer types could figure out how to make the filter fit.
Are these volumes the actual fuel capacity or the total volumes including the space taken up by the fuel pump and filter ?
A 3 liter increase in actual fuel capacity would be worthwhile imo.
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