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Getting the bike ready

I had a couple of requests last year for a list of stuff on my bike. So, for those who are interested, here are some of the gadgets added to the bike before this trip and then some more I have added in preparation for this trip:

Stuff I added before this trip – front to back:

BMW headlight guard – does a good job of collecting bugs . . .

Madstad windshield – great system. Have it set very low with it tilted slightly back. Because it routes air underneath, virtually no buffeting.

Barkbusters hand guards – protects hands and handlebars. One of the three points sliding down the gravel road and other than scrapes on the plastic protector, held up well and protected the handlebars.

Kaoko throttle lock – a bit awkward to get used to but really handy when you want to give your hand a rest on a straight road

Garmin Zumo 660 GPS – tells me where to go (usually correct) and stores my music

SPOT 2 – Tells the world where I am and can call in the marines if I get into trouble

Touratech GPS Mount – supposed to provide shock absorber for the GPS. So far so good.

Beemer Buddies grips – Man, Germans must have really tiny hands – those grips are designed for kids hands. My big ol mitts just don’t work on them. These neoprene covers give a comfortable diameter

SW Motech crash guard – Does its job – Second of the three point gravel road landing. No bends, just scrapes.

MFW Highway pegs – Stretch my legs out every once in awhile

Touratech radiator guard – a necessity. Take a rock in the radiator and that would be a major headache.

BMW skid plate – so far it’s held up. Lots of rocks banging off it.

Booster Plug snatchy throttle fixer – helps get rid of most of that irritating habit of this bike . . . apparently designed that way to make the EPA types happy

Custom seat by Rich’s (Kingston, WA) . . . probably the best thing I have added to my bike. Went from max 2 hours to all day.

15 tooth front sprocket (switch back and forth) – really helps reduce the very tall first gear, makes slower riding a lot easier

Pivot Pegz – Wider and rotate with the boot when standing. Helps reduce sore feet

Caribou Bags and Hepco Becker racks – Been very impressed with this setup. It is ugly but very functional. My bike seems to like to take lots of naps and these hold up without losing their waterproof seal. Third of the three point landing. That slide down the gravel road on the right side just left some scrapes but maintained waterproof integrity. Had some concerns about the side opening bags but I like this style – easy to get at stuff. Bags pop off easy but lock on.

MOD (Motooverland) top rack. Made in BC, two positions, has lots of holes to tie stuff to, has pre-drilled holes for the Rotopax clamp

Rotopax 1 gal gas container – piece of mind knowing I have an extra70 km which is usually enough to get to the next gas. A fairly flat can that is easy to pack stuff on top of when laid on the top rack.

GS 911 interface – Cool gadget that allows me to hook up with the bike’s computer and see fault codes, reset service dates and make some other internal adjustments (probably more than I should).


Wolfman Medium dry bag – the yellow bag. Holds all my clothes, computer, gadget accessories.

OR small dry bag – Grey bag. Holds sleeping bag, tent and extra riding jacket.

Wolfman tank bag – All the stuff I need close by. Can be easily unclipped and carried with me if I am not near the bike.

New stuff added – front to back:

Touratech fender riser – raises the front fender about 1/2” – apparently keeps rocks from getting lodged under there and helps keep things going in mud. (Like I’m going to be looking for mud . . .)

Twisted Throttle Denali 2 LED lights – Pretty bright LED lights. I chose these because they can be mounted inside my crash bars. Most others seemed vulnerable in the event the bike takes a snooze.

Yacugar Shock and Fork springs Have not been off road yet noticing a better ride, particularly with all the crap I am carrying

Mud guard to keep the new shock pretty (and functioning)

Anti-Gravity 16 cell lithium battery – One of those “If it ain’t broke then fix it” items. Perfectly good OEM battery sitting on my workbench. This is supposed to be better in all sorts of conditions . . . I guess we will never know, will we.

Fuzeblock – A great gadget to hook all the crap that needs power from the battery and by-passes the CanBus. Each thing hooked up can be switched (turns on when the bike starts) or un-switched (always on).

Clearwater voltage sensor – Kind of a voltage gauge for the lithium battery but is just a blinking light. Didn’t like it at first but takes no real estate on the dash and it no longer distracts me.

Sena SM10 Bluetooth receiver – use solely to connect to GPS. Get turn instructions and listen to music.

Wunderlich bike lifter handle – the only thing I have been able to liberate from my wife’s new bike

DID chain – Old chain wore out so went for the Cadilac

Touratech bottle holder and MSR 1 qt bottle – Holds my oil supply. Why I need this, I don’t know. I have always carried a bottle of oil in my bag to top up the bike. I don’t know if I have ever had to top this bike up, maybe once. But anyhow, this setup gets the bottle out of the bag and hangs it on the bikes . . . rear end.
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