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Originally Posted by DAAANG View Post
What type of advice would you give a newer rider thats never raced a rally like this before? I rode a lot as a kid, quit once I got my license, and just started riding again about 2 years ago (12 year break). I currently race harescrambles but have spent some time riding higher speed forest roads out west.

I ride a CRF450x with a steering stabilizer which I know will help in the sand. Are these rallys ridiculously tough or should it be not to bad for me? Either way, Im there lol.
SandBlast last year was my first rally after being back on a dirtbike for 6 months or so. I basically showed up with me, my bike, and my riding gear. I'd never raced before and I made it through just fine. Everybody was super helpful at figuring out where I needed to be and when.

Read the rule books to find out the right gear and bike tech and general rally rules. This will make registration and tech much easier. The beginner orientation will get you the rest you need to know about the actual race. The shakedown is worth it to get a feel for the sand.

Bring a friend or two if possible. I had a fantastic time and a great adventure doing SandBlast solo but had way more fun doing rally WV with friends and family there for the weekend!
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