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Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet) View Post
Ah, apologies Neil - I just remember something confusing about the specified nav/tacking equipment at the time... Jx
No problem Jen

I know they reseeded the FIM guys to the front each day, with the Brazilian champs behind, so I got passed everyday
by guys like Zanol and Helio. it was great to have the chance to chase them each day, but man they are so so fast. Frustrating i am sure and not very fair on them, which is also why I don't agree with the idea of seeding anyone with favoritism on any rally, every competitor behind the reseeded guy has more of a struggle as a result of this and it skews things. If someone screws up and comes last, no matter if its n00b rider like me or or if its Coma, he should know how to pass all other riders safely (if need be) and eat some dust for a change. This safety reason cited is a croc IMO. Saw it again on the Maroc and its a slap across the face of everyone else in the back of the field.
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