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Thumb Figuring out your DSS from your ASS... and everything in between...

DSS = Start of the special stage
SS = Special stage
ASS = Finish of the special stage

Someone can help me with the french acronym.

Special stage are where the racing happens. The liasons link stages to the bivouacs and have to be done in a maximum time (normally the time needed for travelling at a reasonable law-abiding pace from A to B). Its not timed but you have to do it within the maximum time, and this is also the most overlooked part of any rally. Peopel focus on the specials, but its the liaisons on the longer rallies that really wear riders out because theyre sometimes hundreds of km. On this rally the liaisons aren't too bad.

As for the others - They come off the official FIM lexicon which has all the comes you will find in a road book on which the guys have to navigate:

Pilots (riders) know these lexicons off pat because they have to read them at a glance at the road book -
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