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Originally Posted by gaspipe
I love Fastways as much as the next guy, but the OE KTM rally pegs are nice for the price at ~$45 for the pair

But then again, I use Saran Wrap for rain gear.
My reason for getting Fastways (And believe me, I thought about it for quite awhile) was that I'm a size 12.5 ultra-flat-foot. No arches at all.
Having a laterally longer, but only marginally wider peg such as the KTM rally pieces, although a major improvement over stock, doesn't offer the fore and aft support that the Fastways do.
My foot on the stock peg, or even the rallye peg, feels like an overcooked noodle drapped across the narrow edge of a fork.

I would recommend the Fastways to anyone that was long of foot, nonexistant of arch and long of leg, or wanting to stand deeper in the bike.
So... how's tricks?
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