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Originally Posted by Motrix View Post
So i rode the entire summer without a speedo. I have a gps so i know the km i've done in that respect.

Recently the speedo started working again, but on and off. From time to time when showing zero while I am riding, if I take a right hander, by leaning the bike, the speedo works. Then straight again it goes back to zero. If I lean left, it does not work. I've checked the front wheel, seems on right and the spokes are all tight.

WTF is going on?
is this the problem you have?.

Because i had this as well, its caused by plastic and plastic rubbing together inside the speedo due to vibrations from the bike and that white plastic chafing is causing contact problems.
Sollution: open the speedo clean everything and put back together, done.

But why don't you go to a dealer, you have a 2011 model so must still have warranty?
'10 990SMT
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