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Strange engine noise and oil light flickering on idle

04 adventure with 55000km. I did an oil change 2000km ago, no problem until the other day in traffic I noticed this noise at idle with oil light flickering with the same rythem of the noise.

I thought oil level must be very low, no sign of oil loss under the engine or in the coolant as far as I could see in a gas station. Oil level was kinda low. So went to a close by BMW dealer and got some oil and topped it off. It took about half a litter to reach maximum.

The noise went away! So I rode where i was planning to go about 30km away and left it on idle again for a while and it was OK. I rode back, close to home, in traffic I hear the same noise.

Im thinking somehow oil does not reach some parts of the engine may be. The noise is similar to when cam chain tensioners are not doing their job but its louder. With the oil light flickering I am thinking some oil passages might be clogged? When I rev up the noise goes away and oil light goes off too. See the video.

Im going to grab a coffee and roll the katoom to the garage now, may not be able to ride the trails tomorrow :mad:

Any help is appreciated.

See the video:
04 ADV 950
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