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The trip gods smiled on me this morning

Walked into McDonalds for coffee this morning (see a pattern yet?) and found an older woman sitting by herself at a long table. I asked her if she'd look after my laptop and atlas while I got rid of my first cup of coffee. When I returned the table was almost full of older folks enjoying breakfast and each others company. Each and every one of the 5 people gave me a warm smile and invited me to join them. It was tempting to sit a quiet table with a good view of my bike and much needed time to catch up with internet time, but it was hard to resist the warm welcome.
Barb and Bud ride a Goldwing and were quite interested in my unplanned quest. They introduced me to Sam, Joe and another one they called the "Old Senile One". Bud was a truck driver so he had lots of wisdom on great roads, local and otherwise. They knew everyone in the restaurant and introduced me and my journey to each new face.

Not sure how long I've been here now, but I now feel like one of Bud and Barbs kids. We exchanged information and they urged me to call if I needed anything at all.

Maybe that sign was for me. The trip gods have given me a little magic this morning. I found a tiny little piece of what I was looking for outside of Hardy, Arkansas.

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