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Another method for richening the mixture is through the use of a Dobeck Engineering product. I'm aware of a couple: one disables Closed Loop (Techlusion) and the other allows Closed Loop in part of the RPM range (Electronic Jet Kit). Both products use the same technical approach of monitoring the injector electrical pulse but not intercepting it. By measuring the time between injector pulses and their inection-on-time, the Dobeck technology can cleverly approximate the Load and RPM of the motorcycle. Neither product employs a Wideband O2 sensor like the LC-1 or PC III (although a gen 4 version does use a Wideband O2, I don't see it listed for the 1100s or 1150s).

The rider can then add fuel (lengthen the pulses) using three/four rotary dials (or plus/minus buttons) that allow different amounts of fuel to be added in cruise, acceleration or WOT. For me, the challenge of this approach is you can't specify how much fuel to add with a concrete setting (e.g. you can't specify 4% more than Closed Loop), and their is no Closed Loop monitoring of the result of the adjustment. However, with skill, it can be made to work--provided that Closed Loop is disabled. With Closed Loop disabled, the fueling additions are made to the Limp Home pulse train with its 10% fueling variation that I showed a few posts back.

Looking at the block diagram below, the Narrowband sensor gets connected to the Techlusion but there is no indication in the documentation that suggests the O2 sensor signal is used to calculate the fueling addition:

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