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Originally Posted by Colebatch View Post
I have switched to a low fender a couple of years and 60,000 adv km ago ... and wouldnt go back. I am fully converted to low fenders. I have specifically used a very good adventure bike low fender, the KTM 990 unit, which has loads of clearance both above the tyre and more importantly, to the side of the tyre. The main drawback to this fender is you need 190mm (KTM / Husaberg) spacing between the forks to fit it properly, and it should be longer at the back.

Terry used the stock X-Country fender and raised it a bit to fit his larger 21 inch wheel, but the problem is still that the fender is too narrow, so jammed up at the side in the one session of super sticky clay we encountered on the ride. Nothing a few minutes with a stick or tyre lever couldnt fix tho.

My advice is choose a fender to fit the forks, then add some spacers to give it a little more vertical clearance. KTM tends to space their forks 190mm apart. The Japanese often use 200 mm, and BMW typically uses 210mm. In the pictures of ClearandLock's bike higher up this page, he has 200mm fork spacing but still fitted the KTM 990 low fender successfully.
Great information...Thanks for being so willing to share!

I've read all your RR and really do appreciate the artistry of your writing and how you've re-engineered the Xch.
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