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Thumb 1986 XR600R Basket case - Hope to revive!

I bought, cheaply, (ok, 100$) a 1986 XR600R a few weeks ago. PO had had the front timing chain guide break during a start attempt. Nothing was damaged but the piece fell down and jammed the lower timing chain sprocket so the bike wouldn't turn over. So, he disassembled. He got the right side apart, and to the point of realizing that the gearshifter was also welded on (in an ugly big way) - and he quit. So there it was on craigslist (listed as a 1989 XR650 for some reason). Anyway, this thread will be my tribute to bringing this bike back to life. At least, that's what I'm hoping...

I cut the gear shift lever off. I then opened the case and pulled it out. I ordered the shift shaft and lever (and received) from ebay. I'm waiting on an aftermarket (read cheap) gasket kit from Israel. I also ordered a new chain guide. I will assess the chain and whether it is stretched or not when I reassemble. I also found some light galling on the piston pin. I ordered (new) that as well. I guess that would be the one area I'm a little worried about, but will take a chance for now. If it knocks, or has other bad things happening because of that, I'll reassess the situation. Maybe they ran it low on oil once? I don't know. Everything else inside the engine looks amazingly clean and well oiled. I am going to put it together, pre oil it, and hopefully it will be fine. If it smokes, or has engine noises, then I'll just take it apart.

That's the way I got it.
Here's where it's at now:

No workbench, but my wife donated a few older but clean sheets. I doubt she's going to want them back...
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