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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
Last two post's... spot on... 100% how it is and should be.

too old... your opinion is possibly based on the perspective you've been exposed to via your close affiliation to one young gun who (in the past perhaps) always had a tendency to (want) go fast all the time

From that point on, their daily re-start position is purely based on their daily results... If fastest on the day... start first - that is fair and equitable (even though in the general classification they will be a long way down, because of the max time penalty).

That's how I see it.
Ha , ha, you guys have it spot on, but what else would I expect?

Safety for all is paramount and as you rightly say it's a two way thing - nothing more brutally demonstrated late this summer!

It's great to see the other perspectives and I can assure you that even for the young gun in question the dangers are more than appreciated.
The advice and guidance from his own team leaders is "time, no rush and no pressure", but at 23 with a potential career ahead as a professional sportsman (any sport) coupled with the relaising draem of riding for a living, the temptation to prove oneself may sometime a very difficult thing to manage.

It is being managed without a doubt and I suspect the positioning on the last two stages in Morocco demonstrates that - A year ago we would have one stage win and one DNF

I expect we will see a new level of maturity in the Dakar and with the one strike and your out rule" none of the reseeding issues.

As for reseeding and with such a rider mix in rally, the system without doubt needs to be considered as the sport develops at it has done over recent years. Although perhaps my perspective has been clouded and in reality it doesn't prove to be an issue too often?

By the nature of rally it is unlikely that the elite will ever be, or ever want to be, separated from non elite into a professional circuit and that remains the pure and true spirit of the sport, but of course you never know - although the money required and the commerial benefit from it would render it highly unlikely?

The responsibilities do lie with all the riders and even in F1 this year we have seen inexperience and enthusiasm create mayhem and risk!

Some changes are perhaps needed for the "new money" and motives and maybe a bit more than unwritten expectations on varying circumstances within the rally now that you are seeing the sport develop the way it is; but as you elude there is a massive level of personal responsibility involved and and most certainly a different riding culture from that of the holeshot mx world, one that has to be quickly learnt by any and all newcommers for the sake of all involved.

Cheers guys

Just as a footnote, I played competative rugby for a lot of my life, I learn't also at an early age that the more aggressive you were the more it could hurt

Generally I stick to golf now, at least with my shite (relatively) skills and the handicap system I can play with the best and nobody is going to get seriously injured when I do - well that may not stictly be true, but that's another story

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