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Service guys suck, get to know your parts guys

Originally Posted by rockinrog View Post
When I had the my last service done at 27903 they told me I would be need front brake pads before long. Today I changed the pad at 33300 I changed the pads. The old pads appear to me to have about as much left on them as the new green Galfers. Were the OEM pads thicker than the Galfers? Old OEM pad on top Galfer on bottom.
Wow, what dicks! I'm so done with taking service guys recommendations! Your OEM pads are fine, mine are at 42k miles original (front). They are just now getting down to maybe half what you have there in the picture. I'm going to replace my fronts soon but I'm just saying I wouldn't ever gauge brake replacement by mileage, it's about the amount of material you have left. (3rd set of rear pads btw) Mileage front verses rear is going to depend totally on your riding style and conditions. My guess is I burn through all those rears and am gentle on the front due to the way my passenger has trained me. We're pretty heavily loaded a lot of the miles we do and that nosedive ya get on this bike with a handful of front brake doesn't make her the happiest. Light and agile and out on my own I barely use the rear so I know there's a lot variety.

Originally Posted by Dansrc51 View Post
for those of you who have replaced the pads, the dealer is telling me I'm due to change the rear. I'll confirm once I get the bike back (fixing side stand switch under warranty).

My question regards the replacement, the dealer tells me I have to replace both the pads and a mounting bracket. Not sure exactly what they mean, but it's an extra $30 I think he said. Anybody have any experience or know what this is in reference to? I'm at work so I don't have my manual, but I've never had this on any other bike before.... sounds funny to me.
Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
There is a "mounting parts kit" that lists for $18.

it's part #8 on the rear brake diagram...

If you've seen lots of mud / water / corrosion it might not be a bad idea to swap that stuff out ....
I can only guess that the $30 quoted is the combination of $18 for the parts and a few extra bucks worth of labor .... ???
I agree with JRWooden, that's probably what they are talking about, but seriously? More dicks charging you for crap you don't need. Inspect that little rod and the pin when you replace your pads, if they tell you it's required to replace them each time they are just ripping you off.
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