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Droid Does

I use my X as my universal electronic multitool. Music, GPS, Phone, Nav, route planning/guidebook, and camera. Of course it doesn't do any of those jobs as perfectly as a dedicated gadget but it sure is cheaper. I also like only having to keep one gadget maintained and charged.

Ok, I admit we bring a decent pocket digital camera on our big trips as well, but on two great lake circle tours now the Droid has had to step in and be the primary when the real camera broke. Oh and I upgraded the cheap headphones snaking from the Droid to my earholes with the bluetooth Sena this year. But damnit I'm still minimalist when it comes to electronics... so I tell myself,
at least until I save up for a real all weather GPS that will keep me navigating outside my service area or dataplan coverage LOL

Oh yeah, and here's the simple solution to mounting. Conduit hanger and a bit of rubber holding a car docking station (docking station modded with a bit of electrical tape to hold the phone a bit more snug). All weather capability in the form of a ziplok and a couple rubber bands. Just don't drop it in a big water crossing eh?

P.S. Yeah that's my kitchen in the background... my baby stays inside during the 9 months of Minnesota winter.
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