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Originally Posted by BigBearJoe View Post
I curse you for living my fantasy life!
I know, which is why I put the effort in now, before I can't do it anymore. It was lots of fun a few years ago when I was doing the rally training routes in the Mojave Desert region. But the Indian country had been calling me since my college years, and I finally got back out there with this project. Once I rediscovered that region, a whole new world of dual-sport opened up. Some of the pictures are super cool, but getting to all these crazy off-beat places, via the "tough" way is more fun than I can describe. It's pretty hard-core, but for those that can make it out on a few of these routes, it will surely be an amazing experience!

The rain wasnít too bad, and most of that day was sandy, so it actually made the riding easier. We did hit mud late in the day, which was pretty bad. We stopped at the car wash on the way back to the hotel and cleaned up for the next three days of sun. The roadbook is sealed from the rain, so no problem with that.

On the last day I crashed in the sand probably 6 times. Fortunately none we bad, and minimal damage to the bike and me.

I used all three of my voice recorders (used for taking notes along the route, where route or roadbook problems were discovered). At one time or another, each failed, but it looks like I didnít loose any data. Redundant redundancy wins again and again! On this trip, we seemed to have a lot more route blockages than usual (mostly closed Paiute Indian land). My 76CSx GPS and Holux GPS recorder worked fine. The rain caused some problems for our radios. I need a new battery in the bike, and an ICO that doesnít reset every time I start the bike with a low battery. I need to make sure my extra gas bottle on the bike has gas in it BEFORE I run the main tanks dry! I need to remember to fill my camelback, especially before the toughest day! Other than that stuff, things went pretty well.

There will probably be a couple of stages that are let out to the masses, but the majority will be handled something like DVR. If you know what DVR is, then youíre probably in, otherwise study up on the R in DVR, and get an ICO and MD or F2R from RMS.
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