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I think you mentioned it Troy....

IMHO putting a racer back in after they dnf a stage is purely unsafe

Example: while every other racer is racing a multi stage rally which involves a ton of strategy you now enter some person who's sole goal is to win stages. This guy now rides a different pace than the rest of the pack, rides balls out just to win the stage while everyone else is pacing and riding a multi day strategy.

How is this safe?

Reseeding him is plain and simple a slap in the face to those who are behind him once he is reseeded. One of those amateurs might have been trying to race competitively....but they aren't elite so the dnf fellow gets put in front of them as a reward for dnf'ing the previous days stage?

The results of the rally get whacked out of proportion with people not racing the rally as a whole but rather racing stages as short sprints in an effort to get a stage win.

This whole concept of letting someone race after they dnf a stage is lame, big time lame and takes a lot away from what makes rally raid racing so unique

Take for example the rally that just ended in Maroc....Helder shoulda been out of the rally, plain and simple
His bike dies early in the day, so he essentially gets a rest day while the rest of the pack are getting a physical and mental workout. The next day he gets reseeded and is fresh and has one goal in mind, win the stage. People even cheer him on, WTF. He has no race strategy anymore, is refreshed while others aren't, has nothing to lose (heck he already lost) and attacks the stage with a vengeance. No way is that safe having him out there, he doesn't even deserve to be out there and certainly shouldn't be congratulated for winning a stage like that.....LAME
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