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Originally Posted by Deadly99 View Post
Month but we won stage 6? If memory serves...he had a rest day where others didn't.

Statistically and inevitably someday a stage will be won (first second and third) by people who all dnf'd earlier in the race. How lame will that be ? The media typically only reports on the top three each day. The guys competing fight hard for this media exposure to further their careers and please their sponsors....having guys who already lost the race "steal" the limelight is...well....lame

For amateur rallies I totally get it, but for competitive races with the best guys in the world competing....I strongly disagree with it

PS...I am a huge Helder fan ( ) was just using him as an example

It was done in the DC last year (Troy knew I was going to bring this up ) - ok totally unexpected, but in his first rally Sam won stage 2, DNF stage 3 (sat 4 hours or so in the sun at over 40 C with little water, so maybe not that refreshed after it!) then went out day 4 and from the back and won the stage again as an amateur/rally rookie - now that was of course a total one off and is unlikely to ever happen again and his reward for it is now self evident, but your point is very well made and totally valid.

For guys still competing for the honours it must be crap to be heading for a stage win only to be pipped by a DNF from the previous day and one whom actually get's the accolade of the stage win - it can't really be right.
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