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I really enjoyed the video. I love some quality shed time like that. And what a nice shed! It also made me feel sad for my broken tig welder and useless bottle of argon just sitting there staring at me (staring at me with its outrageous rental fees in its eys!).
As an craft/art-work, it is kindof a cool creation, but.... if it don't ride well I don't appreciate it much. I'm not big on purely aesthetic mods especially when the function suffers. But in the end it is not even that. Did he touch the engine? Aside from clip ons and all sorts of dodgy hand control tweaks, has he changed anything to do with geometry or suspension? Aside from a slippery saddle, why does it ride liks such shit? Even if the end result was still a bike that handled horribly and was dangerous and unreliable, I'd still appreciate it more if he actually tried something below the superficial surface- albeit a very creative and impressive superficial skin. Extend the rear, shorten the rear, tweak the engine, do something crazy on the front end, at least touch the engine...
Wobbly front end, fuel pissing out of a carb- this is basic stuff on the stock underlying bike that should have been addressed. I'm sure at some point it was addressed and I wish the film followed on past that point until it actually became ridable.

Cool guy, great shed, nice film, I love his style and I'd love to kill some time there sipping beer and braking stuff with him, but I hope things turned out better for that R75.
Thanks for the watch.
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