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Originally Posted by Mr Pif View Post
at last Colebatch,after all this time of absence i thought you retired from adventure riding!
Thats a bit harsh... yes its my first RR for a year, but I have been pretty much full time adventure motorcycling ... After Morocco in September last year I was in full time preparation for two big rides this year. First was Feb-March-April Andes Moto Extreme ride in Chile, to set a new world record for motorcycle altitude. We haven't done a ride report yet, but I hope to over X-mas / New Year, and then I got back to Europe in mid April and had a few weeks to change bikes, repack everything and head off in this year's Sibirsky Extreme Trail ride which began on May 12th, and from which I didnt get the bike back in Europe till late September. So for me it feels like a year of non stop Adventure Motorcycling ... I guess its time to write up some ride reports, edit some pics and stitch together some videos. But that itself will be a lot of work !

No rest for the wicked !

Originally Posted by Mr Pif View Post
is your jet styled helmet suitable for such rides? i remember you also used this helmet in you feel safe enough?
If I didn't feel safe enough I wouldn't use them. Open faced helmets are ideal for adventure travel because they allow you to interact far more freely with locals and not look like a threatening alien when you arrive in their village. Basically they are open faced ... so you are open faced. People can see your face. They can see you smile etc. All the riders who planned to come on this trip had open face or flip front helmets. Only the Norwegians, who we bumped into accidentally, had full face helmets. You can see that in the taster pics ... Only the last couple of pics, of the Norwegians, are there any full face helmets. All the others are open.

Open faced helmets are a British Adventure Motorcycling tradition - specifically worn to promote interaction with locals, going back to Ted Simon in the 1970s, with Jupiters Travels. In the 1995 movie Mondo Enduro, Austin Vince and his band of merry men all wore open faced helmets on the first film made about riding off road motorcycles around the world, and Austin has been a staunch advocate of open faced helmets since. I am just the latest in the line to believe strongly in that philosophy.

Originally Posted by Mr Pif View Post
how many km of range you have with your tanks? basically what is your average speed in all types of road you ride(ok i know you can't go flat out on mud!) ?
Range was 350-375 km (off road).

Average speed when moving is usually about 70 - 75 km/h. Obviously you slow down for tricky bits or river crossings ... normal off-road cruising speed probably closer to 95-100 km/h.

Speed is very specific to the surface of the road. We were sometimes limited to 60-70 km/h on really bad asphalt, yet on good double track wheel ruts we have plenty of film of the GPSs reading 130-135 km/h (140-145 km/h on the speedos). On really bad rough, chopped up double track, we would sometimes be reduced to 30-40-50 km/h. On the sticky slippery clay mud stretches, its 15 km/h, first gear, both legs down like skis... On gravel roads or hardpack tracks with good visibility, out on the Kazakh steppe, its as fast as the bikes will go.

So it totally depends.
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