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If you find yourself in the neck of my wood (Eastern NC) and need a place to stay, you are welcome to stay over. I am deaf but you can reach me by leaving a message at my videophone or text/email me and I will get both messages at my Blackberry. Text/Email is much quicker because I can get it anywhere I am at while I would need to be at home to open my "SignMail" on my videophone. PM me if you think you might be going my way and could use a place to stay then I can give you my contact info or just leave a message on PM and I will read it on my Blackberry (via email).

If you like sub, I will treat you to this good Pizza and Sub joint..

Access to WiFi and within good driving distance to Kawasaki dealers (20 to 1 and 40 to other one) and John Stanford might be able to help with any potential mechanic problem. He is certificated Kawasaki/Yamaha/Honda mechanic and do motorcycle works in his shop, and find his price to be very reasonable! He taught me how to change front/rear tire, sprocket and chain, and front sprocket all for measly $20 using his shop and his tools. His parents run a country store near my campground so good to help local community.

Anyway, do keep me in mind and I am also monitoring your thread to gather info on Central/South America because I plan on going down there within 2-3 years from now.

Thanks That's a kind offer. I don't think I'll be that far East again on this trip, but I have always wanted to visit Kitty Hawk and Moorehead City. I'll get out that way one day. I've been to Myrtle Beach in the past. You're living in a beautiful area.

Thanks for following along. I'm hoping I can find out what's up with the bike tomorrow. I had a good sleep last night. I recommend this Nittany Budget Hotel to anyone traveling near State College, PA. Affordable, clean, warm, free coffee and breakfast, not bad at all! If your bike is going to break down, this is the way to do it.

When I get the bike sorted I'm thinking I'll ride the Blue Ridge Parkway and then maybe go see Graceland (Not Sure about that) but I would like to see Floribama. It's a famous, maybe infamous bar on the beach on the Florida/ Alabama line. (Not sure about that either) It all depends on weather and getting the bike fixed. I may decide to take a track that's much more direct toward Texas. I see there is the potential for some pretty severe weather popping up West of here.
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